Messy Church October 2019

            Messy Church was well attended on Sunday 20th October


Sophie and Heather were visiting their grandparents in Blairgowrie and enjoyed attending Messy Church



Messy Church 20 January 2019







Messy Church Photos  October 2018



                                              This Messy Church is great fun - HONEST!



The Parable of The Good Samaritan was the theme for Messy Church on Sunday 25th February 2018.  A very successful service.

All joined in the singing the hymn 'Jesus Love is very Wonderful'   










On 3rd December Advent was the theme with the young people preparing for the coming of Christ. To help counting down the days  an Advent candle was made.    

Simon Crichton making his candle with dad Ian's help   Grace Ferguson making her biscuits angel and baubles

Angel  and bauble biscuits and angels models were made, with a star wreath which they sprayed ready to hang with the decorations they had at home.

James Ferguson painting his star wreath.                      Cara Dingwall looks on while dad Andy helps Olivia spray her                               




There was also a treasure hunt around the hall and Church, letters were collected to spell out the carol Away in a Manger. This was sung when the minister brought the activities together. 

Adults and children also helped to colour in cards which will be distributed around the Parish.





     A small angel to take home.

Harvest was the theme for the Messy Church held on Sunday 22nd October.  Jim Taylor with his many years of experience as a planter in Malaysia, showed children how to use a grinding stone and mortar and pestle to grind wheat, barley, coffee, tea, cocoa, and many other harvest produce.  Other activities included breakfast, making windmills, cake decorations and dookin' for apples using a fork, plus samples of Fairtrade products.   A short service of praise was led by Andy Dingwall.

 Mr Taylor enjoys cuppa while Alexander Graham tries his hand at grinding wheat and Kirk Robb works with mortar and pestle, watched by, from the left - Sophia and Cara Dingwall and Monty Graham.  




Good Fun at Messy Church


Mums are always there to tidy up after!!      


The Children (Children??)                    

had great fun at Messy Church

on Sunday, 20th August 2017.


 Setting the seaside theme




Making Lighthouses




The theme at Messy Church on Sunday 21st May was "The Lord's my Shepherd" and church member farmer Johnny Mackey brought along soem Sufflok cross lambs for the children to get a look.

The children made their own sheep and their own landscape.


Another attraction was how to build your sheep pen - two of the enthusiasts who did were Luke Thomson (Left) and Alexander Graham.